Saturday, December 5, 2009

BBM: Package has arrived!

This year I participated in the Blogging By Mail event that Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness organizes. The idea is that you send a package to somewhere in the world to another blogger and then you get another package somewhere else. There's usually a theme too. I have seen entries from other rounds of BBM in other blogs before now, but have missed the sign-up time and have only seen participants blogging the content of the packages they've received. It has sounded so much fun and I have been sad to miss it so just imagine my joy when I noticed a post in Dispensing Happiness that another round is coming up! This time the theme was indulgences. 5 items that help you rewind. I packed up and sent my package just before our trip to England and a week after that, this Friday, I got my own.

Nupur from One Hot Stove had shipped her 5 indulgences to me and what a wonderful package it was! And how excited I was to get it!

Inside there was a pretty little Christmas cards that had an explanation for each item in the package. And self-made too, I loved the idea of having paper clips as the skate blades! 

Here's the whole of what came out!

A little glass jar of saffron and a recipe for an Indian dessert that includes saffron. This was a real treat for me as I've never ever before had saffron! I can't wait to try it out the recipe of Shrikhand, it sounded delicious! Plus the glass jar is so incredibly cute! I can figure out uses for that once the saffron is all used up.
Nupur said in her note that she enjoys taking warm showers with a scented good soap. I can totally relate to that! This soap has Christmassy fragrances. This will definitely give a whiff of luxury to my life!

Don't you just love this little woollen sweater with a heart shaped button in front! Nupur had knitted this for me, as one of her favorite indulgences is knitting! Even the thought of this is enough to cheer up on a windy gray day, of which we've had our share of here in Finland. This sweater is meant as a key ring and that function it shall have :)

Oh the chocolate! You could resist these! I really do love chocolate and to have two kinds that I've never tasted before... of the joy! I will open up one or both of these to unwind while...
... reading this wonderful Martha Stewart magazine that was the last item in the package. I've already taken a peek and can't wait to have to time to submerge myself in the different recipes and ideas for decorating and gift packaging!

Thank you Nupur for this delightful package, you don't know how cheerful it made me! And thanks for Stephanie for hosting this great event!


  1. Hi there! I'm so thrilled that the package reached you quickly and safely :)

    I'm so glad you like everything- it was a lot of fun putting it together for you. The saffron is a wonderful spice, and I hope you enjoy experimenting with it (you'll find lots of recipes online for it). Best wishes!

  2. What a great package. The little knitted skate card is adorable.

  3. Nupur: I too was very excited to get the package so soon, I hadn't really started to expect it yet, so it was a pleasant surprise!

    I will definitely find use for the saffron, thanks for the tip and introducing it to me.

    Morven: The card is so pretty! And well done too!

  4. What a delightful package-your partner was quite creative.

  5. that little keyring is just gorgeous!! And that chocolate looks very tasty indeed.

  6. Thank-you so much for my package Eeva-Maija! It is just wonderful!


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