Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deep-dish pizza

Oh dear. Just looking at these photos again makes my stomach grumble. I have to confess: I had to grab a bite to eat between editing the photos and writing this entry.

This pizza pie I made on the second day of 2011. Granted, I have never tasted Chicago-style pizza in Chicago or anywhere in the US, so I can't make comparisons with the real thing. But I do have a deep-dish pizza favorite: when we go to a Finnish chain restaurant Rosso, it's not uncommon that I pick their deep-dish pizza. I find it delicious and worth choosing over and over again. This has been my best try at trying to  create the same taste experience at home. This was everything a deep-dish pizza in my opinion should be: soft and pie-like in the middle, generously topped, cheese meltingly delicious and the base providing just enough crunch.

I found this recipe from a Finnish food blog, the author of which had picked it up from a Finnish magazine years ago. I was a little surprised the dough contained no other oil than what was used for greasing, but this recipe really works like a charm. These pictures are from my second time I made it.


200 ml / a scant cup of water
1 tsp sugar
3/4 tsp salt
ca 450 ml / almost 2 cups flour
3 tsp active dry yeast

vegetable oil for greasing the dish

Mix together the flour, dry yeast, salt and sugar. Add the 42 C / 108 F temperatured water and knead the dough until the texture is smooth. Let rise under a towel until the size doubles.

Pat the risen dough into the greased dish. Add the tomato sauce and chosen toppings.

Bake in the lowest part of the oven in 250 C / 500 F for about 15 minutes.

This kind of pizza is also very fulfilling so you don't need to eat as much of it to be full than with a regular thin-crust pizza.

This to me looks just right. This is how I like my deep-dish pizza!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Although this blog has been quiet lately, I still want to take the time and wish you all a wonderful this year! I really hope that I can put more effort into this blog from now on. I have some recipes to share with you even as it is and even more ideas about what to do in the future. I also tried out some new things during Christmas, but unfortunately on so tight a schedule that I didn't have time to take decent photos.  Successes encouraged me to give then another try though and even though some of the are holiday dishes, I'm pretty sure you will see them here sometime later, and if not sooner, then around next Christmas.

All in all, I wish you all a happy and a blessed year 2011!

A scene from my current town on the last day of 2010.
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