Tuesday, July 28, 2009

(Not so) Fast Food

For the last couple of days we've enjoyed the flavors of fast food - sitting at our own kitchen table. Today we made hamburgers and used the last posted recipe to make the rolls. I just made the rolls bigger than last time. On top of the bread I had hamburger dressing, ketchup, salad, pickle, tomato, the meat that cheese and blue cheese on top and a fried egg.

Yesterday's meal on the other hand was a Subway-inspired stuffed bread. Again, the bread was self-made, the recipe from the same book, and it was called rye baguette. Here is my husband's dish that included again hamburger dressing, ketchup, on one side grilled chicken from the fay before, on other ham, salad, cucumber, tomato and fresh pineapple.

4 long baguettes

Rising time: 30 + 50-60 minutes
Oven: 250 C, 10-12 minutes

50 g yeast
500 ml water
2 tsp salt
4oo ml fine rye flour
1000 ml wheat flour (I think I used about 800)
rough rye flour

Crumble the yeast. Warm the water to body temperature, add it in and stir as long as it takes for the yeast to dissolve. Add the salt and the flour. Knead and let rise under a towel for 30 minutes.

Divide the dough in four and form a baguette from each piece. Roll in rough rye flour and place the baguettes on a parchment covered baking sheets, two for both. Let rise 50-60 minutes. Bake the baguettes in 250 C for 10-12 minutes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Breakfast rolls

Another recipe from my new cook book. Although name refers to breakfast, I made these on the side of a soup. They are ready pretty fast, as only the dough is let to rise for 30 minutes and the rolls are put into a cold oven. I used dry yeast and it worked well too. They tasted great and were so quick and easy too that I will definitely make these again. If these were made bigger, they would be excellent for home made burgers.

16 breakfast rolls
Rising time: 30 minutes
Uuni: 200 C, 20-22 minutes

300 ml water
50 g yeast
2 tbl oil
1 tsp salt
ca 900 ml flour

Warm up the water to body temperature, crumble the yeast and stir until it's wholly dissolved. Add oil, salt and about 800 ml of flour. Cover the dough and let rise for 30 minutes. Take the dough on the baking table and use the rest of the flour for the baking. Divide the dough into 16 pieces and place the pieces on a baking paper covered sheet. Place the sheet into the cold oven, turn on the heat to 200 C and bake for 20-22 minutes.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here comes the first recipe out of the book posted about below. The bread was a success with a a crunchy surface and a yummy taste. I made two loaves of bread, I added sun flower seeds to the second one.

1 bread

Rising time: 40 minutes
Oven: 275 C for 15 minutes and 15 minutes in the afterheat

500 ml water
25 g yeast
½ tsp sugar
½ tsp salt
2 tbl oil
250 ml of coarse flour (for example rye or whole wheat flour, I used 100 ml of rye flour and 150 ml of whole wheat flour)
1150 ml of wheat flour (I only used 900 ml, the dough didn't take in more)

Warm the water to body temperature. Add in the yeast, then sugar, salt and oil. Finally add the both flours. Form the dough into a baking sheet long bread and let it rise covered with a towel in room temperature for 40 minutes. Bake the bread in 275 F for 15 minutes. Then turn off the heat and let the bread bake for at least another 15 minutes.

My newest purchase

At the annual summer fest of LEAF I made a new but already very close friend, the book that I'm next going to introduce. "Heavenly bread - a different kind of recipe book for those who care" (I haven't found a English translation of the book, hence I'm just translating from Finnish) edited by Anna Braw has alreade proved itself to be a real treasure. The book consists of 200 bread reciped, of which the already tried ones have been wonderful and also of other things worthy of interest: interviews, stories behind the recipes, quotes from The Bible, aforisms, tips for baking and how to treat bread and endearing photographs! I have absolutely fallen in love with this book already and believe it to give me and others joy for a long time to come!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mud cake with licorice bits

I made this cake for Midsummer and we enjoyed it with fresh raspberries. I took the recipe from another Finnish blogger. This was yum and exactly what we needed to have in the mids of all the rain. Something that is warm, full and fresh at the same time.

100 g butter
150 g dark chocolate

150 ml sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar
3 eggs

150 ml of flour
½ tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

Any sort of soft licorice

Melt the butter and chocolate on a low heat in a saucepan. When the chocolate is completely melted, take off from the heat. Add the sugar and vanilla sugar and stir. Add the eggs one at a time and stir in between.

Mix together the flour, baking powder and salt. Add the wet ingredients into the dry ones and mix well.

Cover a ca. 22-24 cm in diameter baking tin with baking powder and grease it. Pour the batter into the tin. Drop the licorice bits in and on top.

Bake the cake in 160 C for about 30-40 minutes until it has set so that it (barely) holds together. Do not bake the cake to be too dry, it's best when it's moist.

The blogger, whose recipe this is, stated that the cake is best when it has had time to cool down some hours or over-night. We just ate it as it came out of the oven. The rest was eaten the next day, both versions were really good.

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