Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chocolate Pots

To celebrate the fall break I had last week, and life in general, I made a purchase. I bought four little ramakins. I have desired to have such pots for a while now and so I wanted to use them as soon as possible. We spent a couple of days at a summer place relaxing in the middle of corn fields and no street lights and the end the day that included raking the leaves and having a wonderful sauna, I made Nigella's ChocoPots. The recipe can be viewed from the video attached. I didn't write down the recipe, so I didn't use specific measurements but worked according to my memory.

I got to say that it is not often when things are too chocolatey for me, but these were hard-core and I could have well lived with half a portion. I wasn't to be frightened with the overwhelming chocolate though and am perfectly ready to try these again, making only half as much as last week. The first impressions were heavenly and the first half I enjoyed tremendously.


  1. siis ruokaha näyttää hyvältä mut et oo oikeen jaksanu panostaa toho huolitteluu :----D

  2. Tarkotatko tämän postauksen suhteen vai yleensä? Nämä Choco Potsit tein mökillä, jossa pääasiana oli kyllä vaan saada herkku nenän eteen.


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