Monday, November 3, 2008


My favorite food would be pizza. With that in mind, I feel there is no need to explain this entry more.

This time, however, we tried a new recipe to make the base. In a Finnish-Swedish lifestyle program called Strömsö, the chef Paul got his much wanted stone-oven in a late-September episode and the first food done in the oven was pizza. With his dough we made our pizzas in the beginning of last week. Our intention was to follow his intructions regarding baking as well, so in other words first bake the base first only with tomato sauce, then put in the rest of the fillings and let it bake a little bit more, but we were so hungry that we didn't do that, we just put on the fillings and baked the pizzas once.

25 g of yeast (I used dried yeast)
250 ml of warm water
500 g of flour
½ tsp of sugar
½ tsp of salt
4 tbl of olive oil

This dough needs to be kneaded properly. I kneaded it a good while on the table before making a big ball out of it and placing it into the fridge to wait for the cooking part. After a couple of hours I moulded the dough with my hands to an appropriate size, filled it with yummy things and cooked it in a hot oven.

The photo is taken on the next day and this is indeed the best re-warmed pizza so far.

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  1. Kiitos! Aina piristää mieltä kuulla, että joku tykkää :)


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