Monday, January 26, 2009


Recently we bought a bread mold. Before that the bread I have made at home have usually been rolls, flat breads and sometimes baguettes or something else. The mold will broaden the possibilities of home made bread. The first try with the new mold was with the following recipe and very good the bread turned out to be too.

500 ml of water, temperature 42 C
1 dose of dry yeast
1 dl of flakes (I used bran and wheat crush)
1 dl of rye flour
8-9 dl of wheat flour (I used a little less, 7-8 dl)
2 tsp of salt
oil or butter for greasing (with silicone molds you only have to grease it the first time you use it and then every once in a while but not nearly every time)
1 tbl of treacle/molasses

Mix in the warm water the rye flour, treacle, yeast, salt and flakes. Let it be for 30 minutes covered with a towel.

Add the wheat flour into the mixture little by little. The dough should not be too hard! Let it rise for 30 minuted covered with a towel.

Grease the mold, if necessary. Put the dough into the mold. Let it rise for 30 minutes more covered with a towel.

Bake in 250 C for about 30 minutes.

As the photos tell, the dough was maybe a little too plentiful for our mold, so next time I'll probably make a slightly smaller dough. The bread was very tasty! Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Unfortunately the bread didn't last for long, it was eaten in a span of a few days. Well, more the reason to bake it again!

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  1. Ihanan näköstä leipää! :) Täytyy joskus tehä, meillä on leipävuoka mutta valitettavasti se on ollut liian vähällä käytöllä.. Tollanen silikoninen vuoka ois kiva. :)


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