Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tosca cake

After a long pause in writing I finally have a new post for you. Baking hasn't been very active during this year, mainly because teacher training is taking up so much of my energy from time to time, that any extra activities, no matter how pleasant, have been quite minimal. My winter break, this week, has been spent, not to baking, but executing slight renovation plans for out bed room. We tore down the old wallpapers and added a coat of paint instead. For a job well done I rewarded us with this tosca pie on Thursday evening.

Temperature: 175 C

2 eggs
1 ½ dl of sugar
2 dl of flour
1 tsp of baking powder
1 ½ dl of melted butter or oil
½ dl of cream or milk

On top:
100 g of margarine or butter
1 dl of sugar
2 tbl of flour
2 tbl of milk
1 ½ (50 g) of flaked almonds

Grease and flour a ... cake tin of about 24 cm in diameter. Beat the eggs and sugar into a foam. Add in the flour and the baking powder, grease and liquid. Beat and spread the batter into the tin. Bake in the lowest level for 20-25 minutes.
Meanwhile prepape teh topping. Put the butter, sugar, flour and flaked almonds into a saucepan. Heat and stir carefully. Add the milk when the butter has melted. The mixture should be fairly thick. Spread the topping on the cake.
Move the cake in the middle rack and let bake at least another 15 minutes or until the topping has taken a little color.

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