Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whipped lingonberry porridge

For a long time I had wanted to have this wonderful whipped lingonberry porridge, the treat I remember from my childhood. I assume this is a Finnish thing? Anyway, one weekend I decided to finally turn the idea into reality. As I don't have lingonberries in my own freezer, I got some from the store and this porridge was delicious!

1 l water
1,5 dl semolina
1,5 dl sugar
200 g lingonberries (frozen)

Pour the water and the lingonberries into a saucepan. Heat up to a boil. Add sugar and the semolina while whisking hard. Let bubble for 5-10 minutes stirring now and then. Let the porridge cool down completely by placing the saucepan in cold water. (I let it cool down outside on its own as I made the porridge in the morning and was in no hurry with it.) Whip the cooled down porridge with a mixer so that it's light.

I always eat this with milk or cream.

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